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Our Story

As parents we were delighted when our kids came into our lives opening up a world of unknowns and fulfillment we've never known before.  Wrecking havoc, turning our world upside down, and yet bringing so much love and joy to us.  And we embarked on a journey of parenthood; the good, bad, bittersweet, memorable, tearful, and all that encompassing of being parents.   

Thus, we created the wacky brand to share with you our journey, thoughts, and experiences as parents with a blend of special quotes, funny/wisdom phrases, and unique designs into our merchandise.   If you are a parent, expectant parent, parent-wanna-be, grandparent, etc, we hope there's one phrase, quote, or design that'll resonate with you or show you what parenthood is.


We hope you'll love our collection. 


Our clothing are made of premium quality, ultra soft material we know you will love and are super comfy. And we only source our products from USA, Mexico, or Europe with the highest quality standards.  If you don't find what you are looking for, let us know. We love to hear from you!